Special speaker

Dr. Gregory K. Tanaka, Ph.D, MBA, JD
Author, Angel, Social ActivistFormerly a law school associate dean and acting dean, Gregory K. Tanaka is an author, social activist and angel investor in Silicon Valley. Dr Tanaka holds from Williams College, an MBA from Harvard, a JD from Georgetown, and PhDs in education and anthropology from UCLA. Currently a Visiting Distinguished Fellow at Instituto McLaren de Pedagogia Critica y Educacion Popular, he teaches at the University of San Francisco and Pacific Oaks College in San Jose. His forthcoming book is entitled, “Systemic Collapse and Renewal: A Narrative Account of How Race and Capital Came to Destroy Meaning and Civility in America and Foreshadow the Coming Economic Depression” (March, 2018).

Startup Fire New Year Party in Silicon Valley

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