World Crypto Economic Forum Day2

World Crypto Economic Forum (#wcef) in the San Francisco Bay Area is the first of a series of events around the world to support the blockchain community and create a global network of entrepreneurs and developers in today’s fast-evolving blockchain economy.

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Applications Covered Day 2

  • Cross-border payments
  • Tokenization & Securitization of assets
  • Non-Financial Applications
  • Payments, Ecommerce & Loyalty
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • Social Media & Micropayments
  • Democratizing AI
  • Blockchain + AR

Developers Track Day 2

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Privacy and Identity
  • Consensus in Blockchain Systems
  • Ethereum dApp Development
  • Security and Scalability
  • Blockchain Development Tools
  • Blockchain architecture lightning talks

John with Will Murphy, who is VP of Blockchain at talla

talla is the Blockchain Platform for Managing Intelligent Agents.

John with our friend Ayaa, who is crypt investor




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