Ms. Joanna Yu, Founder and CEO of

Interview with Ms. Joanna Yu, Founder and CEO of

‘the first and only music therapy informed wellness app’


1. What’s your name, and please tell about your background.

My name is Joanna Yu. I am the founder and CEO of I have an education background in Mathematics and music therapy, and I was a recording artist and actress in China.

2. Please explain your startup and how did you started? is the first and only music therapy informed wellness app that combines music therapy, meditation, mindfulness, and customizable features to support people in achieving a healthier quality of life. I envisioned creating a healing platform using music when I witnessed the power of music with my own father and Alzheimer’s patients at CPMC. Music can transform wellness for a variety of individuals, and I wanted to create a high-quality, accessible product to meet a variety of wellness needs.

3. What’s our role of your startup now?

Currently, I am the CEO of, assigning daily tasks for the team and strategizing future growth of the company.

4. Who are your customers, and what problem are you solving for them?

My target clients are busy and stressed individuals who want to find peace, as well as employers that want to improve their employees’ wellness. has over 100 episodes that combine meditation and techniques from the field of music therapy to empower their wellness practice. Our content encourages listeners to be in the present moment and guides them through common challenging psychological states such as anxiety, grief, and burnout, empowering them to reach a relaxed mental and physiological state.

5. What is unique about your solution? What is your unique insight? content is created and supervised by a professional, educated, and experienced team of board-certified music therapists, language pathologists, world-class music producers, and ivy-league software engineers. The mobile app offers unique and customizable music therapy informed episodes at a reasonable price. Content is accessible for all environments and dynamic enough to meet the needs of anyone seeking relaxation and improved quality of life.

6. How does your product actually work?

The music and mindfulness processes utilized in our product are grounded in research and practice from the field of music therapy.’s guided narration and music are composed to complement each other, and customizable features such as balance and reverb provide an exceptional experience for users. Through consulting with board-certified music therapists and utilizing their knowledge and extensive education, we can ensure that the music therapy principles within our episodes are implemented appropriately. When combined, music and guided meditation can facilitate people’s healing process. provides powerful content for users to customize their wellness practice, employing the expertise of experienced board-certified music therapists so that evidenced based music therapy practices are more accessible than ever before.

7. How big is your market?

Right now, mental wellness is a $3.72 trillion dollar global industry, experiencing 10.6% growth each year.  Around 450 million people currently suffer from mental health conditions, making it one of the leading causes of illness and disability worldwide. According to market analyses, the fastest growing wellness sectors from 2013-2015 were preventative (+23.5%), and fitness, mind, and body (+21.5%). These are the two areas is focusing on. Both markets alone brought almost $1 trillion dollars of revenue in 2015. Moreover, workplace wellness alone earned $43.4 billion dollars of revenue in 2015. targets people of all demographics, primarily focusing on those in the U.S and China markets.

8. What is your business model?

Our business model consists of subscriptions (monthly $8.99/mo and yearly $5.99/mo) and B2B sales.

9. What is your go-to-market strategy?

Our market strategy includes creating wellness partnerships with corporations, brands, and other wellness focused sites.

10. What is your vision, your true North?

We envision that within the next 2 years, will become an international wellness brand for personal care. Our goal is to educate the public about the power of clinical music therapy, and creating music therapy informed content that is accessible to individuals who are not in a clinical context. The music therapy profession small and still growing. wants to support and provide the field of music therapy with more resources to conduct research and empower music therapists in their practice.

11. Please write a message to your potential strategic partners, clients, and investors in Silicon Valley.

Now is the time to raise awareness of mental wellness and provide tools informed by music therapy principles. Music is one of the most powerful mediums we know of. Please join in supporting people everywhere to improve their quality of life!  

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