4 Secrets ‘How to be a Great leader’ at Startup Grind

Sylvana Rochet, Founder + Holistic Intelligence Advisor, The Insightful Executive

1. Be less busy

Even the founders, who raised money and have technical skills, they find out their jobs to manage human beings.

You are the only person, who can be selective.

Stop checking your emails in the morning, no SNS before sleeping.

2.  Know our triggers

Listen to your body, notice the inner chatter, know your 5-year old self, slow down the reaction time.

3. Know your WHY

Get clear why you are here.

4. Ask for guidance

Ask your mentors.

This stuff is simple, it only works if you work it.


Tomorrow, on15th of February: #StartupFire at 42


Startup Events in Silicon Valley

13 to 14th of February:  Startup  Grind 

15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

16th of February:  Startup & Investor Meetup (#StartupFire)

6th of March: Startup Pitching & Mentoring 

12th of April:  Startup World Cup  US West Coast Regional 

11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale

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