Beginners Guide to Cryptoassets at Startup Grind

Linda Xie, Co-founder + Managing Director, ScalarCapital

#StartupFire can build out your blockchain platform! Contact us below to let us know your product and engineering needs!

1. Smart contract development and audit: implement your smart contract base on Ethereum.

2. Digital wallets (desktop and web).

3. Cryptocurrency exchange: safe and reliable cryptocurrency payments for EC sites and exchanges.

4. Blockchain development: create your original private blockchain or base a new blockchain on an existing network.

5. Training: attain basic blockchain understanding, or learn to develop blockchain!

Please contact us #StartupFire  if you plan to develop blockchain for your enterprise.

Tomorrow, 15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

Startup Events in Silicon Valley

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15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

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11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale

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