Building and Scaling High Performance Teams

Building and Scaling High Performance Teams at Startup Grind

Jeff Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz

Anu Hariharan, Y Combinator

1. Investing in people, not only ideas.

2. Founders need to have ability to tell stories.

3. Early employees should have co-founder skill: multiple hats, creativity, vision, etc But, not only for skills, not only A plus player, need another for chemistry.

4. Founders to have ‘Product-Market-Fit’.

5. How do you fight competition? Answer is to have ‘Capital’ to survive. All about ‘Network’.

6. Understanding the role of VC, and Startups.

7. Understanding the dynamics. (eg.  after the pitch, we still need to do this)


Tomorrow, 15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

Startup Events in Silicon Valley

13 to 14th of February:  Startup  Grind 

15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

16th of February:  Startup & Investor Meetup (#StartupFire)

6th of March: Startup Pitching & Mentoring 

12th of April:  Startup World Cup  US West Coast Regional 

11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale


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