Where is the heaven to work in Asia?

Good day! I hope this finds you all well and happy. Me? Yes, im happiest! Yes, im asking myself, and doing well and this week its been a very busy week, having many partners in Silicon Valley from Japan and Finland, and so on. Last night we had #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley, such a great time, and big success, we appreciate to everyone, and ill write about the event maybe on this weekend.

Right now as many people ask me what i do, because i have so many job titles and social impact project titles. I have many roles to play in many companies, organizations, and also like to write, rap, paint, etc. For the business, main focus is to serve a CEO & CDO of Evolable Asia USA Office in Silicon Valley. We are one of the largest Offshore software development company from Asia, and right now im providing  our Custom software development service with our super talented CTO in Silicon Valley, with the collaboration with our 794 developers in Vietnam, and about 150 people in Japan as well. So we say, our software is designed by Silicon Valley, and made in Vietnam.

One more happy thing this morning,  i like to share with you today.  Our HCMC office in Vietnam has been featured in ‘arch daily’, which is the world’s most visited architecture website. Evolable Asia welcome all of you, who want to change the world together. Our office is like a heaven for developers, and always marketing, admins are welcome too. All dreamers are welcome to join us!

Here are some great photos of our office by arch daily.

Evolable Asia HCMC office in Vietnam

To see more of our office, please visit their page here.

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