Why Angel Investment is important?

I attended in the dinner party of Life Science Angels (LSA) in Menlo Park last night. I usually go to the screening meetings, and also study how to be a great angel investor organized by LSA. Im honored to be a part of LSA, and always meet many great angels, and also startups.

One of my dreams is to make everyone happier by giving people more opportunities to try new things! How can we do that? I like to build the Angel Investment Culture in Japan in the near future. Nowadays, everyone in Japan is also trying to build ‘Innovation Eco-system’ by having many VCs, Incubation Centers, Co-working spaces, entrepreneurship education, lawyers starting to support more startups, etc. However, still the most important factor is missing in Japan. That is Angel Investment. Some serial entrepreneurs do invest in startups more lately, but not enough angels over there. What we need to change is to let Japanese HNWI (High Net Worth Individual)  to know the importance of angel investing in startups is to bring next innovation, and it will generate the economical growth for themselves and GDP.

Normally, parents pay for their children. Some also support nephew, and niece. Wealthy people in heart tend to donate a lot of money for scholarship, and supporting many students. Why? Because its very important for building the bright future. If you give many young people more opportunity to learn, they will become more smart and kind to make the difference in the world. So i believe in supporting more young people, who want to become entrepreneurs, is also very very important. Investing in startups is the key to save our world!!! Save Startups, Save the World!! Let’s invest in our bright future!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!! Love is the Answer ❤️

 Life Science Angels dinner party in Silicon Valley


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