New CDO’s Assistant in Palo Alto

Good day again!!! Hope everyone is doing well and happy. Right now, im having a meeting with my new CDO’s assistant KAZ in Palo Alto.  KAZ is working for helping our #StartupFire events and also my daily works. He is fluent in both English and Japanese, majors in Communication at San Francisco State University.  We are now going to San Jose to meet VC, then another meetings in Palo Alto later tonight.

 Meeting in Palo Alto

Startup Events in Silicon Valley

13 to 14th of February:  Startup  Grind 

15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

16th of February:  Startup & Investor Meetup (#StartupFire)

28th of February: StartupFire Sushi Meetup at 32

6th of March: Startup Pitching & Mentoring 

12th of April:  Startup World Cup  US West Coast Regional 

11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale





Serial entrepreneur Dr. Hashimoto, President of TaqTik Health Inc.

Good day! It was raining but now fine in Palo Alto. I had an amazing meeting with Dr. Hashimoto, who president of TaqTik Health Inc. Dr. Hashimoto is a famous serial entrepreneur originally from Japan, and based in Silicon Valley. He had IPO in Japan in 2003, then migrated in Silicon Valley. Now he is running TaqTik Health Inc., which is ‘One Stop Service for Medical Travelers’.

 Great meeting with Dr. Hashimoto in Palo Alto

医師であり、日本で上場経験のあるシリアルアントレプレナーの橋本氏が、シリコンバレーで手がける医療観光スタートアップTaqTik Health Inc. パロアルトでミーティングしました!

Startup Events in Silicon Valley

13 to 14th of February:  Startup  Grind 

15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

16th of February:  Startup & Investor Meetup (#StartupFire)

28th of February: StartupFire Sushi Meetup at 32

6th of March: Startup Pitching & Mentoring 

12th of April:  Startup World Cup  US West Coast Regional 

11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale


Do you know Fukuoka City a.k.a. Startup City?

Have you ever been to Fukuoka City, in Japan? Or do you know Fukuoka City is now known as the hottest place for startups in Japan?

Today, i had an amazing meeting with Mr. Rocky Tokunaga, Executive Director of Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America (FCOCA), at Plug and Play in Sunny Vale. FCOCA runs the website He is the great connector between Fukuoka and Silicon Valley.

Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America (FCOCA) provides free expansion and relocation assistance and partner matching services to companies throughout North America interested in taking advantage of the market opportunities in Western Japan. FCOCA is a division of the Government of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and our services are completely FREE.

Fukuoka City is known as Startup City Fukuoka. Please read to know more here.

We both have many common interests and businesses. We both want to make everyone happy and we like to support many companies. Rocky san helps the companies from Fukuoka Prefecture, to expand their businesses in Silicon Valley, and other places around US. He also supports US companies to enter businesses in Fukuoka Prefecture.

 Beautiful day as usual, we had a great discussion at Plug and Play in Sunny Vale


Startup Events in Silicon Valley

13 to 14th of February:  Startup  Grind 

15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

16th of February:  Startup & Investor Meetup (#StartupFire)

28th of February: StartupFire Sushi Meetup at 32

6th of March: Startup Pitching & Mentoring 

12th of April:  Startup World Cup  US West Coast Regional 

11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale


A place to talk about dream in Silicon Valley

I have some favorite places to meet my great friends in Silicon Valley. One of the most favorite places is Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park.  Over 4 years ago, my great HBS friends invited me over there for dinner, and really enjoyed, since then, iv been coming back to invite many great entrepreneur and investor friends to talk about innovative ideas and businesses. The foods and drinks are great, so as the atmosphere, and the beautiful view.  I always have a great time talking about dreams with my great friends at Rosewood. cheers!

With my great friends in Silicon Valley

Why Angel Investment is important?

I attended in the dinner party of Life Science Angels (LSA) in Menlo Park last night. I usually go to the screening meetings, and also study how to be a great angel investor organized by LSA. Im honored to be a part of LSA, and always meet many great angels, and also startups.

One of my dreams is to make everyone happier by giving people more opportunities to try new things! How can we do that? I like to build the Angel Investment Culture in Japan in the near future. Nowadays, everyone in Japan is also trying to build ‘Innovation Eco-system’ by having many VCs, Incubation Centers, Co-working spaces, entrepreneurship education, lawyers starting to support more startups, etc. However, still the most important factor is missing in Japan. That is Angel Investment. Some serial entrepreneurs do invest in startups more lately, but not enough angels over there. What we need to change is to let Japanese HNWI (High Net Worth Individual)  to know the importance of angel investing in startups is to bring next innovation, and it will generate the economical growth for themselves and GDP.

Normally, parents pay for their children. Some also support nephew, and niece. Wealthy people in heart tend to donate a lot of money for scholarship, and supporting many students. Why? Because its very important for building the bright future. If you give many young people more opportunity to learn, they will become more smart and kind to make the difference in the world. So i believe in supporting more young people, who want to become entrepreneurs, is also very very important. Investing in startups is the key to save our world!!! Save Startups, Save the World!! Let’s invest in our bright future!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!! Love is the Answer ❤️

 Life Science Angels dinner party in Silicon Valley


Startup Events in Silicon Valley

13 to 14th of February:  Startup  Grind 

15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

16th of February:  Startup & Investor Meetup (#StartupFire)

28th of February: StartupFire Sushi Meetup at 32

6th of March: Startup Pitching & Mentoring 

12th of April:  Startup World Cup  US West Coast Regional 

11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale


Do you find it difficult to hire top Developers?

Do you find it difficult to hire top Developers?

In Evolable Asia, you can hire experienced developers to satisfy and meet your project needs. With 400 applicants monthly and one digit turnover rate, we have maintained to recruit 794 developers working for various projects for 60 partners.

There are thousands of offshore companies around the world, why Evolable Asia?

To find out, please visit our website. 

We have 794 developers in Vietnam.

Diversity of Dreamers like #StartupFire at 42

On 15th of February, we hold #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley. We had over 100 dreamers came to our event. We really appreciate to everyone who came and supported. Especially all speakers, performers, who inspired all participants together, and thanks so much 42 for letting us use the amazing facility, and provided foods and many students helped us.

This is totally my passion to organize #StartupFire, and bring everyone get together and have a fun. I do this because i love it, and i do this because i like to see everyone’s BIG Smile. And I do this for ❤️

I believe in one of the most important thing to provide the innovative atmosphere is bringing many different kinds of people in the one place together. Yet, i also know that not great impact you can bring if there is only different kinds of people, what we really need is we need to invite ‘Diversity of Dreamers’ in the same place same time. And how you connect those people together is not too easy, but i wanted to try something cool with my crew.

This time, i wanted to try something new, and bring more HIPHOP flavor into Startup event. So i asked my HIPHOP crew KAZOKU (it means Family in Japanese) to perform to entertain audience.  As we call #FreeMovement by #StartupFire, we like to save the world by changing people’s minds, more free, feel free, think free, act free… to love, free to do things you wanna do, so we act HIPHOP to express our freedom in front of audience….real free-stying♪

We KAZOKU actually made the song for especially this event at 42.

Our song is called as 58 42.

Lyrics of our HOOK…

For the gang Free Game for the gang (✖️4)

Keep it real, 58 ➕42 (100)
Keep it real, 58 and 42 (100)
Keep it real, 58 42 (100)
Keep it real, 58 42 (100)

 Lil Space a.k.a. JJ Spacely from KAZOKU

Check his new song This Time

PARAGON from KAZOKU rapping with his lovely daughter♪

Check his many songs here

Once again, we all appreciate to so many Diversity of Dreamers, many entrepreneurs, students from around the world.

Many 42 students participated and met many entrepreneurs

Great networking time

 Happy to many smiles ^^


 Dr. Tanaka, who is one of my mentors from Harvard Business School, also participated. He is the one introduced me to 42 Silicon Valley. Really appreciate!!!

 Japanese entrepreneur Mr. Sasaki, who was selected TOP20 Startups by Japanese Government for HIYAKU Project, sent to Silicon Valley.

Ms. Tamami Ushiki participated in our event with her business partners, she i City Chapter Director, Startup Grind Tokyo.

 I love Alan’s BIG SMILE ^^ haha He was amazing host!!! Thanks brother!!!

We ❤️ you. #FreeMovement by #StartupFire.

#StartupFire is the place for dreamers!!!! 


Our Next Event will be held in VAULT, in San Francisco on 6th of March.

Speed Mentoring – Startups & Various Investors: Role Play



HBS Angel chairman gave great advices to Startups from Japan

I introduced my mentor Mr. Etienne Deffarges, Chairman of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels Association, to our two startup partners, Radrix and WEFABRIK, in San Francisco.  We appreciate to receive so many great advices for these two startups from Etienne.

サンフランシスコにて、私のメンターであり、所属先のハーバードビジネススクール アルムナイ エンジェル協会の会長に、福岡と大阪からのスタートアップをご紹介致しました。経済産業省の飛躍プロジェクトでシリコンバレーにお越しの海外パートナー企業の二社です。素晴らしいアドバイスのオンパレードでした。また、会長の新しい本も投稿致します。

Untangling the USA: The Cost of Complexity and What Can Be Done About It

By Etienne Deffarges

Discount- purchase click here

Description: What could Tom Brady, Donald Trump, and Michael Lewis possibly have in common? Complexity. Lewis has analyzed it; Trump has discovered it; Brady has benefited from it. And the USA is entangled in it.

Complex systems are an inevitable part of business and socio-economic structures. We reach a breaking point, however, when social and organizational structures become cumbersome, and unintelligible as well. Entire new systems need to be constructed just to manage this complexity, with questionable or negative value to society at large. The outcome is high costs, poor results, deepening social inequality, and the erosion of public trust. Wholesale changes must be contemplated. This is particularly true in the USA today, where complexity is piled upon complexity in a number of critical sectors, such as health care, energy, finance, and government.

The author takes a common, broad-based, and analytical approach to some of the most complicated issues facing the US today. He examines the costs of complexity through a wide-angle lens, provides analysis of the root causes involved, and explains what is necessary to improve results and lower costs. The ever-increasing level of complexity in the US is compared to that in other developed economies, and also to the country’s own history. These contrasting paths are used to propose alternative approaches and new solutions. Beyond analyzing how incredibly complex socio-economic systems have emerged in recent years in the US, the author steps back, reflects on the fundamental values of this country, and offers a number of actionable proposals to improve the lives of all American citizens.

Etienne Deffarges has enjoyed a successful career, first as a senior strategy consultant to many leading global companies, then as a heath care technology entrepreneur in the US. He is perfectly positioned to observe how complex systems are stifling socio-economic progress. He brings a unique insider view of the issues involved, and examines a number of key sectors that impact the American society at large, including healthcare, energy, finance, regulations, taxation, utilities, and welfare.

WEFABRIK & Radrix visit at Fenox Venture Capital

Good day! I introduced our partners WEFABRIK and Radix to Fenox Venture Capital.

Fenox team gave great advices to these great startups CEO and CTOs. We really appreciate to their honest feedback!!

WEFABRIK and Rarix are both selected as Top20 startups by Japanese government’s HIYAKU Next Enterprise Project, and sent to Silicon Valley last week.

Fenox Venture Capital is a Silicon Valley-based global venture capital firm. Fenox VC has invested in more than 100 US, European and Asian startups, including Jibo, Affectiva, Afero, ShareThis, Genius, Lark, Meta and more. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Fenox VC operates out of global offices in Japan, Indonesia, Dubai, South Korea, Belarus and Bangladesh and leverages its global presence to bridge the gap between bold and disruptive startups and large corporations around the world.

Startup World Cup is a global event where startups from around the world will be coming to San Francisco to battle for a US $1,000,000 grand prize in investment. Startup World Cup is partnering with some of world’s largest conferences and tech events to host 20+ regional startup competitions across 6 continents – North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The goal of Startup World Cup is to create innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities for startup ecosystems all over the world. Entrepreneurs from many different countries will be able to use the Startup World Cup platform to build great companies and improve the possibilities for themselves. Startup World Cup is powered by Fenox Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley-based global venture capital firm.

GRAND FINALE: May 11th, 2018

Startup World Cup Grand Finale will feature keynotes, panels, and a pitch competition among regional champions from all around the world. It will be held on May 11th, 2018 at San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

Agenda will be announced soon.

– Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder of Apple)
– Daymond John (Investor at SharkTank; Founder & CEO of FUBU)
– Alexis Ohanian (Co-Founder of Reddit)
– Guy Kawasaki (Former Chief Evangelist of Apple; Founding Partner of Garage Technology Ventures)
– David Cohen (Founder & Partner of Techstars)
– Tim Draper (Founder & Partner of DFJ, Draper Associates)
– Eric Feng (General Partner of KPCB)
– Lisa Suennen (Managing Director of GE Ventures)
– Kevin Hale (Partner of Y Combinator)
– Garry Tan (Managing Partner of Initialized Capital)
– Edith Yeung (General Partner of 500 Startups)
– Alireza Masrour (Managing Partner of Plug and Play)
– Bill Reichert (Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures)

Startup World Cup 2018 speakers & judges will be announced soon.

Please note that all sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

For more information, please check out the Startup World Cup website

Facebook event page, click here. 

US West Coast Regional: April 12, 2018, event page click here. 






#StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley

#StatupFire was held at 42 Silicon Valley from 6PM to 9PM on 15th of February. We had over 100 participants, and really appreciate to 42 to use their great venue, and admins, and students who have helped and came to the events as well. We met so many dreamers!!!

#StatupFire is the place for dreamers. We run this website as Online Incubator, and also organize the innovative event, where everyone meets in Silicon Valley. Startups, Angels, VCs, incubators, accelerators, engineers, students, all dreamers are welcome. We do #StartupFire for Love ❤️

To know more about 42, enjoy reading my blog ‘ Where is the Heaven in Silicon Valley?


First of all, #StartupFire started with Dj Domo played HIPHOP/RnB Music to welcome to participants and there were foods and drinks provided by 42. Our participants had a chance for networking from 6 to 6:30PM.  Thank you so much Dj. Domo, paying great music♪ Love ur sounds!

Mr. Alan Au was amazing host!! His energy and humor made everyone happy. He introduced all of our great speakers.

I had a chance to share our vision of #StartupFire to everyone. I started to #StartupFire for Love ❤️ .  Just want to tell everyone that ‘you are CEO in your life’. You are Gifted!!!

You can go to big startup events in Silicon Valley, and look up to the most successful CEOs to learn and get inspirations, its very important, and i myself love going those events and we also support to promote as well. However, how many friends do you get from the big events? Maybe you introduce yourself to startup booths, and exchanged your business cards, and get 10 cards, but zero friends. If you ever come to our #StartupFire event, we help you to get many friends at least 10 friends. I asked everyone to make 3 friends in the beginning, otherwise people couldn’t take a seat, and i wouldn’t start my talk.

#StartupFire we help you to be a star!! We ask you to get a microphone to introduce yourself to everyone. We want you to feel happier to get many friends during the networking time. We do this for FREE, it does not meant the price is free, it means Free to share your big ideas, knowledge to get your true friends. We are KAZOKU (Family). We ❤️  You. Love is the Answer❤️#FreeMovement by #StartupFire.

We had Amazing Pitch sessions.  Firstly Startup CEO Pitch by Mr. Tsuyoshi Fukuya, CEO of WEFABRIK , will pitch about his startup. WEFABRIK Inc. owns and operates an online B2B (Business to Business) flea marketplace for textile and fashion industry. WEFABRIK is selected as TOP20 Startups to be sent to Silicon Valley by Japanese Government in 2018.

Please click here to read his Interview.


Secondly, Intrapreneur Pitch by Mr. Masashi Machida, intrepreneur from Panasonic R&D company of America in Silicon Valley. Founder of grownUp which is a C2C platform that allows mature adults to mentor younger adults who are seeking advices and perspectives on their life decision.

Please click here to read his interview.


Thirdly, Startup CTO Pitch by Dr. Tatsumi Uwai is the CTO of Radrix, a university based venture company that specializes in wireless communications. Radrix is selected as TOP20 Startups to be sent to Silicon Valley by Japanese Government in 2018.

Please click here to read Radrix’s CEO’s  Interview.


Special Talk ‘How to raise funds for your startups’ by Mr. Elton Satusky,who is a partner in the Palo Alto office of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He specializes in public and private corporate finance and corporate law and governance. Elton also has considerable expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and venture capital.


Greetings & Special talk from #StartupFire CTO Mr. Andrew Janssen. ‘3 lessons from working for Facebook & Google’.

His 3 lessons are…

1. Be irrefutable

2. Employment doesn’t teach you to succeed

3. Own the story the community tells about you

HIPHOP Live Performance by KAZOKU

Group Photo: We are KAZOKU (Family)❤️

#StartupFire and 42 Silicon Valley is KAZOKU!! ❤️

Next 42 Event:

Thu, February 22, 2018

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST

Share The Love: Changing Education With 42 Silicon Valley 

Next Event by Lead ✖️ #StartupFire

Speed Mentoring – Startups & Various Investors: Role Play 

Are you bored with the average panel speeches and pitching events in the valley? Are you looking to raise funds or looking for great founders to work with?

You are invited to meet investors and pitch at our event, in from of founders who closed their series A or have done ICO, angel investors, Japanese venture capitalists, corporate venture capitalists, and independent venture capitalists.
More than 20 investors including partners from Garage Venture, Cisco Venture, Sozo Venture, Diamon Tech Venture, Bay Angels, HBS Angels, etc; will join as speakers & mentors or audience!


March 6, San Francisco 18:00~21:00 at The Vault, 415 Jackson St, San Francisco

Food and drinks are provided, RSVP early.

Speed Mentoring – Startups & Various Investors: Role Play 

#StartupFire Partners 


More Photos, check 42 Silicon Valley’s Facebook page.